Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's Hot & What's Not Wed 3 Feb 2010

I’m seriously cranky today so I’m not sure what that’s going to do to my estimation of how the week’s gone … too much heat and not enough sleep for me is leaving me one seriously ticked off old woman!

But thanks anyway to Claire at Loobylu for the theme … cranky or not I'm sticking with it.

What’s Hot:
Getting the place organised. I’ve at least come up with a strategy to fight the chronic disorganisation that is my house, and made the first few steps.

Quilting stash. Woo hoo, I now have the start of a stash. I’ve started collecting for two quilts, a red/cream one and a pink/green/blue/beige quilt for Tamika. Both stashes are coming along very nicely, thank you for asking … and I’m sure there’ll be plenty of taking the stash out and stroking it to come! LOL

I'm happy with my start ... I can't wait to start now.

Cross stitch craft projects 1 and 2. I’ve finished the cross stitch for project 1 and have half finished stitching project 2. The only thing with cross stitch is that it takes so long to finish. I long for something that takes so much less time … like a quilt maybe? LOL

Runner up in the Hideo Wakamatsu/Kodak comp. This is a total highlight and I’m rubbing my hands with glee at the thought of shopping with a voucher. So exciting.

Daylesford Makers' Market. I’m off to the Makers' Market this weekend for the first time … the chance to check out the crafty goodies at the market, to visit Lark and see her store in real life, and to take a wander around Daylesford and hopefully some vintage/craft stores as well. It's been many years (I think about 20) since I visited and I bet it's really changed. PS And I think I’d better add collect some mineral water for Mr H … a favourite of his.

Reading. I’ve seriously got the reading bug at the moment, so much so that I’ve hardly watched TV, or even a DVD, in weeks.

What’s Not:
Getting no sleep. I am over the current spate of heat. I haven’t been getting to sleep until after midnight and then I’m away by 7am. I’m enjoying getting up earlier but I am now so cranky and beyond sleepy … grrrr, I don’t enjoy being like this.

Being grouchy. I loathe feeling touchy and grouchy. Have I said I hate feeling like this yet?


Janice said...

Lucky you! I so wish I was going to Daylesford. I think we may have to incorporate a Makers Market into a holiday some time.....who knows when though.

Kate said...

Oh I hate the feeling of being grumpy and not being able to snap out of it. Love the start of your quilts.