Monday, February 1, 2010

Good things Mon 1 Feb 10

GOOD THINGS: Clean up Monday
This post starts with a confession … I’m totally useless as a housewife, and it just ain’t getting any better.

There’s been Christmas, then a house guest and now I’m so out of the few housekeeping routines I had that were aimed at keep the place manageable that I feel as though I’m swimming in quicksand … and only just keeping my head above the sand.

So I’m starting something new to try and get control over the many disasters laughingly referred to as my “home” … Clean up Monday.

Each week I’m going to tackle one place around the house that’s driving me crazy ... maybe a cupboard, a wardrobe, a bookshelf.

Today I tackled the mess that was my laundry floor. The floor was a disaster and it was littered with a never ending supply of empty or almost empty water bottles.

And now … the floor’s washed, the wall's wiped down, the bins are empty and the recycle and regular bins are emptied.

Time taken: 1 hour.

PS If you want to play (and seriously I could do with the company) add a comment with your link and together we can take on the world! LOL

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Mel Makes Pretty said...

OMG when were you at my house? And why is it not still clean like your picture? Good Job. I am inspored.