Monday, February 15, 2010

Good things/Clean up Monday Mon 15 Feb 10

I had a great weekend on the friends and outings front … and I even got most of the housework done. The long weekend I had made all the difference and some serious house cleaning was achieved … just a shame that I never seem to find the time to start on any of the major renovation jobs on the list.

Last week it seemed obvious the oven was going to be the next major job I tackled, but as usual life got in the way and the kitchen ceiling is next.

And why is this so? (Sorry, couldn’t resist the reference to Professor Julius Sumner Miller and here’s a taste for those too young to remember him).

This guy was totally part of my childhood ... he could put really complex ideas into relatively easy to understand language and that was a revelation to me.

The answer is because the electrician is coming on Friday to install a new kitchen fan and the new downlights ... and because it absolutely has to be done.

And now it looks like this.

Not perfect ... and I'm going to have to climb up on the stove top again to have another go, but at least it's part way to being fit to paint.

TIME TAKEN: 1 hour ... (and a lot of twisting).


Sarah said...

hey if that lovely dress from curlypops doesn't fit you I'll take it off our hands ;) Nice work on the renos!

Susan L (lily40au) said...

No problem at all ... I'll be trying it on next week and I'll let everybody know.