Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's Hot & What's Not Wed 27 Jan 10

It’s Wednesday and that means time for What’s Hot and What’s Not … or at least it does in my world.

Thanks Claire at Loobylu for adding this to my world … it’s a great process for collecting my thoughts.

And at the end of each month I've decided I'll measure how I’m going against my 2010 Plans.

What’s Hot:
Painting the walls. Clarissa’s started on her walls … in the softest pink called Fairy wings. She’s finished one coat on one wall and is starting on the second coat tonight. Plus … and I was so proud … she said she was going to take before and after photos. All together now ... aaaaah!

Clarissa working on the second coat ... you can only just see the colour on the wall but it's clearer on the roller.

Spend more time with family and friends. This has been going really well. I spent last weekend in Ballarat and had a great time, met up with people I haven’t seen since last year at the West Indian community day on Australia Day. And on Thursday I’m off to the Northern Craft Bonanza to meet some local (Melbourne) crafters (and make some new friends).

Cook more. I made dinner two nights in a row last week: a shepherd’s pie followed by lamb shanks. The shepherd’s pie wasn’t brilliant … I was disappointed. But the shanks were delish. Even Clarissa thought they were nice … and that’s saying something. (PS Sincere apologies to those who have to cook every night).

Finish 5 craft projects. I thought 5 was a very manageable number and getting that many done by the end of the year will be brilliant. Saying that however, I still haven’t finished one although I’ve finished the cross stitch portion of Tamika’s cushion and I’ve started on a red/white version for Wini.

Travel more. Horace and I did so much travelling around with Neil while he was visiting and I really want to keep the momentum up. My next plan is for Daylesford and its maker’s market in early Feb. I have a big day planned.

Find something good every day. This has been working really well … I think I’ve missed about two days for the month. I’m also planning to get the Becky Higgins’s Project Life kit from amazon.com and at the end of the year it’ll contain everything that’s been good in my life for 2010. I’m loving that idea.

What’s Not:
Exercise more. Yep … lots of plans to exercise more, a vague plan actually of an exercise routine. But actually implement an exercise routine … nope, not happened yet, although I walked so much with Neil being here. That was great… and will have to count for now.

Finish the bathroom. Nope … no plans yet. Too busy doing other stuff … see above!

Summing up: EXPLORE
Only a week or so ago I made a wish over at tinniegirl and came up with the theme EXPLORE. It seemed to sum up what I wanted from the year and judging by the huge list of things I’ve achieved so far I’m living my wish … and I now understand why my house looks completely trashed and I can’t find anything, including my pass to get into work.

Is the world telling me I no longer have to go. I wish!

Updated Thu 28 Jan 10: I checked my email this morning to discover an email from Cathy at tinniegirl telling me I’d won the wish collage … I have the perfect corner for this under the noticeboard next to my bed and I can’t wait to get it and frame it. It’ll serve as the best reminder for how I’m trying to live this life this year. Thanks Cathy.

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CurlyPops said...

It was lovely to meet you in person Thursday night Susan. Hope to see you Saturday at Daylesford!