Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good things Tue 26 Jan 10

GOOD THINGS: West Indian Community Day
I had the best day at the community day ... well, I do every year.

It was great because I got to catch up with people I mostly don't see from year to year.

But not everybody wasn't there ... including Andrew's partner Jacquie and their three kids, and Vicky. I bet Vicky was overseas; lucky duck!

It was great because Clarissa came for a while ... with Adam.

Clarissa and Adam ... I can't believe babby's not scowling at me!

But Wini wasn't there. That was sad.

And it was so nice to see Victor and Charles and Ozzie and all the other guys ... Ozzie still never stops dancing.

Horace and Andy relaxing in the shade.

I loved catching up with John and Gaylene and we'll definitely have to catch up before community day next year.

And what was absolutely gorgeous was how their kids have grown.

I didn't recognise Vivienne until she smiled ... and then I was bowled over by how beautiful she is.

Isn't she gorgeous?

And she had one of her friends with her ... another beauty.

Vivienne and her friend ... I wish I could rememeber her name. she was such a sweetie.

And lastly Adam. He's such a sweet, gentle kid ... with the deepest voice.

I can't believe how this guy has grown up ... even since last year.

Wow! Time sure does march on.

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