Monday, January 25, 2010

My Place & Yours Mon 25 Jan 10

MY PLACE & YOURS: What am I reading?
Better late than never I'm adding my two bits to the My Place & Yours meme now hosted by Vic over at Punky&Me.

Now Vic thinks this is a dull theme, an ordinary theme, one done over and over again … am I labouring the point?

But I don’t think so because I am so excited because I'm reading a book at the moment that I’ve been trawling op shops and second hand stores for years and thought I’d never find it ... Book 2 of the West of Eden science fiction trilogy by Harry Harrison.

All three books ... this is the best trilogy.

So how excited was I when I found it--the missing Book 2--this weekend at Trash & Trivia in Ballarat for a whopping $5 ... and it fabo condition! Woo hoo!

I posted how I felt about this trilogy back in December last year because I was excited about finding Book 1 at an op shop in Melbourne … and because I thought I’d never find the missing Book 2.

Even though I got the book yesterday I’m already more than half way through it. I had to read part of it before I went to sleep last night and it kept me spell bound as I travelled from Ballarat on the train to work this morning.

I figure I’ll finish it tonight … and then I might reread the trilogy from start to finish ... just for shits and giggles! LOL

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Vic said...

Now, I've read none of the books in your trilogy, but for me, the best thing about your post is the authors name... is it his real name...?! I love it!

Thank you for playing along this week!