Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Project 365 Wed 09 Dec 09

It's Wednesday again and time for What's Hot and What's Hot over at Loobylu. Reflecting each week is such a good thing to do.

What's hot

It's Wednesday. I'm seriously excited half the week has past already ... although this seems to be wending its way to a what's not about work again.

Rain. It poured for a couple of days this week ... which was absolutely brilliant; sitting at night watching TV with the sound of rain thrumming on the windows and travelling to and from work with an umbrella. It's been years since I've had to do that on a regular basis and I loved it, although it made me sad when I remembered I've already lost the red and white polka umbrella I bought in the UK. (Am I wending my way back to what's not yet again. LOL).

Curry. I had the best curry on the weekend with my good friend Suzanne and her daughter Frances. We were all set to have lunch in Hawthorn at a cafe that turned out to be closed, but my taste buds were salivating for curry and we decided to take our chances at one of the many Indian cafes around the Hawthorn town hall. Don't ask me which one but it was brilliant ... $10.50 for a meal that was filling, cheap and so tasty; the naan was the best I think I've ever had.

New crafting stuff. During the week I saw a post on someone's blog who pointed me in the direction of some seriously gorgeous flowers (PS click on the Felt Products link) ... and I promptly ordered two packs of the flowers and one of the small centres. I have visions of making a few things with them ... starting with a cushion for my niece Tamika to go with the picture I made for her wall. I just need to think about a fabric ... and I'm thinking a cool, heavy weight white might be the perfect background.

Rereading one of my favourite books. I love the Eden trilogy from the 1980s by the science fiction write Harry Harrison. I've had book 3 for ages and I recently managed to find the first book (West of Eden) in the op shop in Melbourne. Unfortunately book 2 is still eluding me ... but I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy it on eBay. The trilogy focuses on the conflict between between man and lizard-people known as the Yilané. Man is at a stone age level with the Yilané far superior technologically mainly through their ability to genetically manipulate their natural environment. The book has strong undertones of social justice, and has mankind and the Yilané locked in a battle for supremacy of the world ... all told through compelling human and Yilané characters, which includes an exploration of the many types of early man (eg hunter/gatherers and farmers). This is probably my third read of the trilogy and it's as brilliant this time around as the first ... it's definitely in my top ten favourite books and one I can't put down.

My copies from the 1980s ... now if I can only convince Santa to bring me book.

What's not

White heads. Even as a teenager I never got pimples but as an adult I get serious sized white heads on my nose ... what gives with that?

Bills. I got a letter recently from one of those firms chasing outstanding debts ... for an overdue DVD fine of $3.60 from my local Blockbuster. I didn't even know I had an overdue amount ... I buy so many DVDs that I only go to Blockbuster about twice a year and I have no recollection of anything being returned overdue. Seriously, how much does it cost to pursue a debt for $3.60?

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