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BEST OF BLOG 2009 CHALLENGE: Best trip and Best restaurant experience
I am a serious blog reader.

I love all the Australian blogs I've found over the last couple of months, including the many from my neck of the woods ... as well as all the funny, talented and amazingly crafty women all over the world that make it so much fun to keep reading.

So I was totally interested to come across the Best of 2009 challenge on Gwen Bell's blog ... a blog I only discovered this week.

The gist of the challenge is this:

1. Write on one or all thirty-one of the prompts for the month of December ... the full list for the whole month is listed on Gwen Bell's blog.

2. A post can be a sentence, photo or 3,000 word essay.

3. Link up your blog or Twitter account if you're going to tweet your bests, on the list below (add your name to the bottom where it says: You are next...CLICK HERE to enter your link).

4. Tag your posts and photos #best09.

5. Share your best moments of 2009 over the course of December. Don't get hung up on details or length - if there's an aspect of the question that doesn't resonate, change it to meet your needs.

I'm not planning to do this every day but two from the first week really resonated with me:

December 1: Best trip
Without a doubt it has to be our trip overseas. Thinking about it still brings that warm glow with it ... and it'll be fun to take each experience out of my box of memories, stroke and lovingly place it back in again. I seriously love the freedom of getting up each day knowing the whole day belongs to me, and with it comes the chance to make new memories, meet new people, visit friends and family ... and best of all to be open to experiencing whatever comes my way.

And how would I spend my trip except behind the camera experimenting with light and focus … and whatever else I can think of?

Fingers crossed we get to travel overseas this year as well.

December 2: Best restaurant experience
I have to say A1 bakery in Sydney Rd with Tina and Phil. Everything about A1 is so good: the food is hot, fresh and delicious. It doesn’t hurt, as well, that it’s seriously cheap!

Tina's choice for my second trip this year to A1 … doesn’t it look great?

Try this out if you’re interested … especially if you’re seriously looking for blog prompts.

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