Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's Hot & What's Not Wed 13 Jan 10

Even though Claire over at Loobylu is having a snooze over the Christmas break, I like What’s Hot and What’s Not too much not to continue.

So ... my countdown for the last week is:

What’s been hot.

Three day weeks. I’ve been working 3 days per week while Neil’s been visiting and I love it. 3 days to work, one days to shop and clean and 3 days to party. Working part-time seriously rocks and I so wish I could do it all the time.

A new job. Before you get too excited … it’s my brother who seems to have a new job. His current employer is closing down and he needed to look for something soon … and out of the blue things seem to be falling into place. The new firm hasn’t made a firm offer yet but he’s attended the induction, had a police check and medical and they’ve told him the first place they want him to work (Stawell). It looks like a big thumbs up for him.

Good mood. I’ve been in the best mood lately … is my looking for something fun, good or interesting for my Good Things paying off. Either way, I’ve been feeling extra cheerful every day and I hope it continues.

Neil. Having Neil around has been really good. We’ve been travelling around more and this weekend we’re setting out for Sovereign Hill and the Great Ocean Road. It should be fun and I’m looking forward to it.

Work. Surprisingly this has been good too. I’ve felt really motivated since I returned and I’ve been getting so much done. Is Good Things paying out here too?

What’s not been so hot.

40+ heat. This has sucked! Monday night was so hot (over 30) after a 40+ day and the house had warmed up beyond a comfortable temperature. Add that to needing to get up at 3am to drop Neil off at the airport 75 kms away and … well, you get the idea. Not a fun evening.

Neil at Cardinia Reservoir on, you guessed it, a 40+ degree day!

3 kids hijacked in car. What are people think of … stealing a car with three children inside. The carjackers must have been watching the mother because she put the keys in the ignition and then went to the boot to put some things in it … but how amazing was her 11 year son who pleaded with the carjackers to let him and his brother and sister out of the car. I think we’ll see young Luke Joyce getting a bravery award soon and good for him.

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jaboopee said...

wow, i don't think i could bear 40 degree fireplace is'nt even as hot as that....thanks for dropping by ...