Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good things Sat 23 Jan 10

GOOD THINGS: Ballarat vintage magic
I finally got to visit Kelly at Dear Prudence and also Vintage Blonde in Ballarat ... two really great vintage stores I've been wanting to visit for months. I'll definitely be going back when I get a bit more time ... and be travelling out to the Ballarat Mill Market where Dear Prudence has furniture and larger pieces. Maybe next time.

And these two are so close together across Sturt Street from each in fact ... if you're in Ballarat and around 434 Sturt Street (Dear Prudence's address) you have to drop in.

Dear Prudence.
Kelly at Dear Prudence has a great blog and posts so many photos ... I love looking through her pictures of all the great stuff she has in her store but I had to add a few of my own ... well, just because.

A Dear Prudence tag ... this shirt was really cute but the tag was even cuter!

And Dear Prudence is such a wonderful jumble of stuff ... the sort of place you have to poke through because you might miss a treasure hidden behind something else. And we just didn't have the time to do it justice.

How about this display of shoes and bags on a vintage bench? My luck the shoes were too big!

It's also a great mix of vintage and newer stuff. Kelly uses Dear Prudence for local artists to launch and sell their work ... and for designers to market their work. She's such a great ambassador for Ballarat ... and so really nice to 'meet' her after our only contact being via email and blogs.

I'm seriously looking for a wind up alarm clock. Iloved the one on the right but orange just won't do. I can see Dear Prudence is definitely the place to go to look out for one.

Vintage Blonde.

Vintage Blonde has one of the best signs I've seen. It's so textured ... it looks like it's been up on the wall forever exposed to the elements.

The Vintage Blonde sign outside the shop.

By contrast with Dear Prudence, Vintage Blonde is more streamlined and concentrates on vintage furniture and ephemera.

This pretty collection of tea cups on a tray was so sweet.

We didn't get much of a chance to really look around ... and it had some great furniture items I'd really to look at it more detail.

I've always loved the Ladybird books ... I'm glad I still have my little collection of favourites.

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dear prudence said...

wow! thanks for including me on your blog. I'm glad you like the shop, you sure fitted lots in, great pics of the lake!!!!