Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good things Sun 24 Jan 10

GOOD THINGS: Sunshine at the Lake

Instead of me blogging, today my niece Tamika is taking over the reins and this will be her first blog post ... on my blog or the blogging world full stop. And hopefully not the last for me.

Hi, my name is Tamika. I am the niece of Susan and on the 24th of January we went to the Lake. It was a great afternoon.

The lovely first time blogger herself ... Tamika.

I was accompanied by Auntie Susan, Nan, Auntie Carol and my cousin Vanessa.

Nan, Vanessa and Carol ... good luck getting them to look at the camera when a photo's taken.

There was also an event being held called Arts in the Park. There was music and paintings being sold. There were lots of paintings that I liked, but I didn't like the painting of onions. Yuk!

Part of the Arts in the Park ... one of the live bands for people to enjoy.

At the event an elderly lady had fallen over the tram tracks. My cousin Vanessa who is a nursing aide at an old people's home had come to her assistance to help. I thought it was very kind of her to give assistance and luckily she works at a nursing home that gave her the skills to help with the elderly.

After a while Nan, Auntie Sue and I went over to the Botanical Gardens across the road from Lake Wendouree. We went to the Adam Lindsay Gordon craft cottage and it had many beautiful things. Then we went to the pond near the fernery. In the pond there were many lily pads and fish. One particular fish that caught my eye was black with orange and was at least 30 cms long. It was huge.

You can just see the fish poking out from under the lily pad. Tamika loved this fish.

And here's where we say goodbye to Tamika as she's had to go home with her dad ... but there just a few more photos I wanted to share of water in Lake Wendouree ... who would expect it; a lake with water or there's at least water in some parts of it. Something I was glad to see after seeing the lake completely empty of water for such a long time.

Tamika watching the ducks on what used to be part of the wetlands ... but which now seems to set aside for the ducks.

And the view across the ponds towards the Lake ... as you can see it has puddles in places but is now dry with isolated puddles.

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jaboopee said...

looks like a lovely day out .....
i'm seriously impressed and extremely jealous of your rufus beevor alias....
thank you for sharing susan