Friday, January 22, 2010

Good things Fri 22 Jan 10

GOOD THINGS: Train travel
I hear people complain about public transport ... it’s late, it’s dirty, it’s unsafe.

But my experience must be different ... or at least different enought because I love train travel.

The suburban train network ... those trains often turn they can turn up late or not at all. Often people have conversations you can hear half a train away ... and so many times I end up hearing the distorted music of people' iPods because of crappy earphones. These things drive me crazy!

But thankfully these are the exceptions and there are so many pluses ... especially to country train travel.

The old board at Ballarat train station ... this isn't used any more and I hope they don't take it down.

It’s cheap; it only costs $10 off peak to travel from Melbourne to Ballarat ... tick.

It’s a chance to read or stare out the window ... tick.

It’s quick; it would take me longer than an hour and a half to drive the same distance ... tick.

It’s convenient; I can leave from work on Friday night and return to work on Monday morning ... tick.

It’s comfortable; the carriages are all new, air conditioned and there are generally enought seats to go around ... tick.

Did I leave anything out?

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Mairead said...

You didn't leave anything out, but I also like train travel when it is slow. It's the journey I enjoy rather than the getting there. My sister and I have decided to go to all VLine destinations this year just for the journey. Especially in winter, it will be a good way to get out and about without too much weather!