Thursday, December 24, 2009

Project 365 Thu 24 Dec 09

This may seem a little off topic but I'm going to be a little cheeky and offer my sister Carol as my Christmas wish! LOL

Thanks Suzanne over at Colorado Lady for hosting this so close to Christmas and I promise to stay more on topic next year.

I had to post about my little sister because it's her birthday today and she's turning forty something ...that surely must pass for vintage?

Carol opening one of her presents.

My sister's life has been one of ups and downs ... and mostly undeserved downs.

She wasn't blessed with a wonderful married life ... but now she and her new partner are making a real go of it, she has a new job, a new house ... and life seems to be going really well for her.

Last night we went out to dinner for her birthday and had a great meal and get together ... complete with presents and a steak and lobster meal for her new partner.

Mark's dinner .. can you believe this meal?

And we got to meet her daughter Vanessa's new boyfriend for the first time ... what torture for him meeting 8 of us for the first time. But he seemed really nice and it looked pretty obvious that he thinks Vanessa's pretty special.

Vanessa and her new beau Clinton.

It's so wonderful things seem to be going so well for her ... and my Christmas wish is many more years of the same for her.


Sherrie said...

Glad to hear your sis is doing great now. That's a lot of food for one person! Have a safe and happy holiday season.

Sherrie's Stuff

JLS Hall (Joysweb) said...

Hope your little sis doesn't mind being featured as a "Vintage Thingie"! But it sounds like she's having lots of "ups" now, thankfully. Great post!

LV said...

I think it is great you paid your sister such a nice honor on her birthday. I enjoyed your story of her. Also, pleased you had time to visit my post.

CC said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet sisters name is Carol as well. Aren't sisters just the greatest??? Happy VTT..have a most wonderous and blessed Christmas.

concretenprimroses said...

Ah wish I had a sister! Wishing you and sis the best!
Its funny to see things posted on VTT that I bought new and still use. I'm more vintage than you and your sis.