Saturday, December 26, 2009

Project 365 Fri 25 Dec 2009

This year we had Christmas Day at Carol's, instead of Mum's, because she had more room and because I think Mum feels overwhelmed by organising the day.

But that doesn't mean Mum doesn't do as much to get the day organised ... because she's boiling corned beef and roasting potatoes and making the pavlova and goodness knows what else for the day.

It was a nice peaceful day ... although we didn't get to see Jason and Tamika this year because Jason was working on Christmas Day and couldn't get away before Horace, Clarissa and I left. His job is a whole other story ... which I'll leave for another day.

The tree and the huge amount of presents underneath it.

Mum opening her presents ... she must have won the prize for the most amount of presents.

We met Debbie's new boyfriend Pete. It's been quite a Christmas for meeting new people ... with Debbie's new boyfriend and then Clinton, Vanessa's new boyfriend arriving later. But it's so nice to see Debbie happy and Pete seems really quiet and Debbie so comfortable and happy with him.

Debbie ... and hiding behind her is Pete.

Horace opening his only present ... we're still to go shopping for a turntable for his records.

Mark was the winner of the most amount of presents on a theme ... fishing!

Carol won the prize for the largest present I've ever seen ... a garden seat in a frame.

And lastly Clarissa and Vanessa together ... they looks so happy and relaxed ... just like the day.

Merry Christmas everybody ... and I hope everybody had a wonderful day.

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