Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Project 365 Wed 02 Dec 09

It's that time again already ... a week has absolutely flown by and it's time again for Loobylu's What's Hot and What's Not. Thanks Loobylu.

What's Hot
Perfume. My pretty collection of perfume from my girls ... thanks guys. I love them all ... especially the Dior.

Not many ... but I love them all.

Internet games. I am so hooked on Bricks Breaking at Mindjolt games at the moment. I am so going to have to stop playing it cold turkey because I never get anything done.

Christmas decorating. We still haven't put the tree and decorations up yet and I am so looking forward to it. Everything's at the storage locker but I have a great trade in mind ... some boxes of Wini's books for the Christmas decorations.

What's not
Cleaning up my scrapbooking stuff. There are piles of stuff to be sorted because I keep moving stuff around as I tidy up different parts of the place. Not the best way to clean up, and it's driving me nuts.

Waiting for stuff. I am so impatient ... I always have been, and I can't wait for anythig at the moment. I was like this as a kid. Waiting for Christmas Day was unbearable and there was no way I could keep a secret. Alas, not much has changed.

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Anonymous said...

Ooo, nice purfume. I hope santa remembers me this year! Chele x