Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Project 365 Tue 01 Dec 09

Last Friday I spent a warm spring morning playing golf (badly) for the second time in my life as part of the annual ACMA golf day.

As expected I haven't improved since last year.

My group of four: Jennifer, Therese, me and Suzanne.

I am still as utterly hopeless when it comes to my swing ... I have no power or accuracy. Pathetic really.

And I didn't give clubs much of a thought with the result that when I came to tee off I discovered myself with right handed clubs ... and I'm left handed.


I'm not blonde for nothing! LOL

I played with Suzanne from last year, who's always good fun ... and this year the most experienced of all of us.

Suzanne ... she's always fun.

And we had two newbies to our team: Jennifer and Therese ... neither of whom had played before.

Jennifer had never played before but had one hell of a swing.

It was a great morning ... plenty of fresh air and a beautiful walk around the Albert Park golf course.

And surprisingly, one of me ... taken by Suzanne.

I'm definitely going to play next year.

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