Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Project 365 Mon 30 Nov 09

There's nothing like not being able to remember things to bring getting older into sharp relief ... and this time I couldn't find the kit lens to my camera, and I wanted them to show Tina who's getting a DSLR for her birthday in a few short weeks. And fortunately after sleeping on the problem ... I found them!

My dinner ... a scrumptious gourmet pizza.

And we had a great night having dinner and chatting about everything and anything ... the girls, photography and best of all the recent overeas trips we've both taken this year.

Our view from our table at Intermezzo, just outside the entrance to the cinema at Southland.

I also got the chance to ask Tina a few questions about quilting. She's a champion quilter from way back ... examples of her quilts are all over her house. There are piles of them everywhere and they are gorgeous.

Everybody recognises these two.

I've had this idea in my mind of a blue and white quilt in a simple design for my bed or as a lounge throw ... something pretty that includes toile and gingham in a soft, medium shade of blue.

I had to shoot this Christmas ornament ... it was huge and so sparkly.

Now to shop around for materials and work out the pattern.

I can practically see it already.

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