Thursday, December 24, 2009

Project 365 Tue 22 Dec 09

RUBY TUESDAY: Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree ...
I've been thinking about how close it is to Christmas ... only three days to go ... and no post about the Christmas tree or the decorations.

So it has to be fate or kismet ... or something ... when I saw that it's Ruby Tuesday at Work of the Poet.

The trick with Ruby Tuesday is to post a picture of something red taken by you ... which is no difficulty whatsoever given my fondness for red and constant taking of photos ... and my Christmas tree is full of the colour red (and a little green and gold for variety!) LOL

My favourite red decoration is this glitter metal Noel sign ... it always sits front and centre on the tree where I can see it.

This is absolutely my favourite ... and not just because it's red.

And even if it's not red ... I'm going to sneak in this pretty gold and glass cherub I got last year.

I fell in love with this cherub as soon as I saw it ... and I've just realised you can see me taking its portrait in the gold decoration. LOL

And this year's addition ... a gold metal star.

This star is so sweet ... I love getting something new every year.

Don't you love Christmas tree decorations?

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