Sunday, December 20, 2009

Project 365 Sat 19 Dec 09

MY PLACE & YOURS: The "Me" Wardrobe
This week Sandra at Sandra Eterovic's theme is the "Me" Wardrobe ... that special something you feel comfortable in, and wouldn't be without. Nice angle Sandra.

PS Don’t forget if you want to play to go over to Meet Me at Mike’s to sign up and check out other people's take on the theme. Go on … you know you want to. LOL

Back in October I did a post about my favourite outfit ... because it's so absolutely me: the denim jacket I wear with every outfit, a t-shirt (which is part of every outfit I wear) and my pretty brown and blue Esprit skirt.

I still wear this every week but it's been replaced as my favourite.

But I can't wear the same skirt all the time and now my favourite is a silk Jag skirt in purple and grey ... and next month? Who knows.

Some of my collection ... all pretty simple but well loved.

My favourite work wear, simple to dress up or dress down. Worn every day with Mary Janes.

Love each and every one of them.


marian said...

oh yeah i love my little denim jacket..ssoo versatile! btw your skirts are lovely too!

The Back Shed said...

Hasn't everyone got a denim jacket in their cupboard???? Love your skirts.

Sandra Eterovic said...

I think everyone does have a beloved denim jacket! Great combo of the practical and the pretty, always a winner. Thanks for your post!

Redness said...

A gorgeous look ... thanks for the rminder of the denim jacket I need to overhaul ... yikes another project ;) Thank's for visiting ;)

74 Lime Lane said...

you can't beat the classics! and I love your skirts ~ so pretty.