Thursday, December 31, 2009

Project 365 Sun 27 Dec 09

One of the reasons I wanted to return to Ballarat was for Jason’s birthday … and to get his computer set up for him.

I feel bad that didn't happen.

And after Clarissa made the effort to bring it down on Christmas Day and it's sitting at my mother's house until I can get the operating system sorted ... XP of course!

And it's Jason's birthday today. Happy birthday little brother, there's a little something extra in the computer stuff for you for your birthday. We love you.

The birthday boy at Carol's birthday dinner a few day's ago.

Instead I'm spring cleaning for Neil's visit, Clarissa and I've been playing with paint pots and plaster and sandpaper ... and I haven't been able to resist starting the Diana Gabaldon book. I just couldn't help myself.

Four of the paint pots.

The painting's been fun ... epsecially for Clarissa who can't make up her mind which pink to choose.

At first she was going with something bold and striking ... what else but red.

But she's drawn back from that after some strategic internet searching, which suits me fine because I really want a much lighter approach. If that sounds stark and you haven't seen it done before, check out the blog decor8. I love all the ideas I get from that site.

Everything's so light and fresh ... that's what I really hope to get out of what we're doing.

Clarissa's choice for bedroom of the year ... drum roll please ... is now something like this beautiful bedroom in pink and white from decorpad. It's a fantastic site I'm going to be visiting more often too.

The pink on the walls is so pretty ... I love it too.

And I've been working on the hallway walls for my testing ... they're currently a gentle cream colour which looks almost white ... I can see it from here and it looks so restful.

It feels really nice knowingmy first choice is what I'm going to go with.

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