Friday, December 4, 2009

Project 365 Fri 04 Dec 09

I was so enthused about Archive Friday over at Emjie's Treasures and promptly forgot all about it ... still, it's funny the things you remember in the shower! LOL

And it all came about because I was trying to remember where I put some photos I collected when I was overseas and meant to give to my Mum when I visited a few weeks ago, and I couldn't for the life of me remember where I left them. Damn!

But I at least remembered where I'd left about ten I scanned and emailed to myself when I visited my aunt Maureen in Manchester.

So while this isn't technically a photo I took I still wanted to share because I love actually having photos of my mum's family ... and because my mum is such a darling.

My auntie Maureen bought Mum this coat when she won some money on the Pools ... and my Mum loved this coat.

My mum has so few photos of either herself when she was younger and especially of her mother and further generations ... my Mum's family just don't seem to be interested in family history or photos.

Whereas I'm a squirrel ... I want as much as I can find! LOL

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Emjie said...

It is fantastic when you can get your hands on family history that goes this far back.
We live in an age where so much info about ourselves is available thanks to the digital and WWW. Which makes it all the more special when you can have these old photos and stories.
That coat is a classy design.