Friday, November 20, 2009

Project 365 Thu 19 Nov 09

Recently my local council spent $250,000 (sound it out; a quarter of a million dollars!) ripping up my street and putting in new drains to 'improve' the area. The views to the north east, and south west towards Safeway post show what the street looks like after they've finished.

Nice and tidy, especially towards the south west where the council added additional car parking spaces.

But a total pain in the arse for us because they narrowed the street and took away our car parking ... and now I park on the nature strip because my daughter parks in our off street parking and we don't think it's safe to park our car on the road so close to a roundabout.

So what's happening now ... without a word of warning workmen turn up and ask us to move our car because four car parking spaces are going in at the front of our property.

The view I was presented with as I walked down the street from the train station.

I'm not complaining about the the parking spaces because it's been a bloody nuisance for us since they altered the road about a year or so ago ... but do you think they could ask before they rip up the road in the first place or even before they decided to tear up the nature strip to add parking?

The gaping hole they made today ... and apparently four car parking spaces are going to take a month to create.

It's our money they're spending after all ... or am I just getting a little bolshie?

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