Sunday, May 24, 2009

Project 365 Sun 24 May 09

I was thinking about what to put for my next post when it occurred to me how much is concentrated in just a one block radius of home in any direction.

North East
Looking past the house and down the hill there's a large park at the bottom of the hill (roughly where the car driving towards us is). The park's so large it covers about two blocks itself and on our side there's a Guide Hall on the corner, the cricket nets (where they practice), and part of the general area.

My car is the most obvious on the left with Clarissa's white car hidden behind it.

North West
This block is smaller but there's far more in it than any of the others. On the corner is an Anglican Church, at the end is a Presbyterian church, and in between is the local State primary school the girls attended. On the right at the end is a funeral parlour.

The most obvious thing is the school and the school crossing.

South West
This is the busiest block, pointing towards the highway. On the right is the church on the corner, the manse (behind the cream picket fence) and the church hall just past it. The same church hall I referred to a week or so ago ... and it's now sold. You can also see the train gates and how close the shopping centre is to home. Great for walking to do our weekly shopping.

This is the view I get each day as I walk to the train station.

South East
This is the last view and the one I least travel. At the end on the right is the local Catholic primary school and a small corner store opposite. On one of the other corners is a large open area used by the school for sports.

It's impossible to see anything because of the curve.

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