Friday, November 20, 2009

Project 365 Fri 20 Nov 09

Emjie over at Emjie'sTreasures had the best idea today for Fridays ... share old examples of past work, photos, art journal notes etc.

I've loved photography for ever and I have some well loved examples of my photography that go back to the 1970s ... and todays is from summer 1990 when my girls were young.

Wini about four wearing the blue trimmed hat, and Clarissa around two years of age..

We used to go to Collingwood Children's Farm a couple of times a year for birthday parties and a Christmas party ... and this one is from one of the Christmas parties.

I always used to dress the girls in pretty dresses and little white socks and hats when we were going out for good ... and they very rarely got dirty. They were those kind of kids. LOL

How wonderful is it have started scanning all my old photos and actually have some to share?

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Emjie said...

This is a gorgeous photo. There is something so Anne of Green Gables about this — the dresses, the hats, those little ducks. Thank you for sharing.