Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Project 365 Thu 12 Nov 09

I arrived home last night to a letter from the local council... I assumed I must have paid my rates late or have an overdue library book (all the time knowing this couldn't be the case) and I opened it to learn that a developer intends to build 32 units where the local church hall currently stands!

I wondered where it would all go ... and sadly this is what I expected.

The happy news in black and yellow.

And what an outcome ... a two storey building on a site that's half an acre in size!

That's right ... 32 units on this site.

They seem to be pulling down the priest's manse as well ... something I had no idea about.

I walked past about a week ago thinking it looked untidy and wondering when they were likely to clean it up, walked past it two days ago and a fence had gone up (and here was me thinking the fence was overkill to clean up the yard!). The following day a workman up a ladder pulling the facing boards off, and the same night I arrived home (yesterday) the house was almost reduced to a skeleton.

The half demolished manse from my corner.

And I contrast this with the half acre site across the road which recently had around 12 units built on it ... and the people there seem to be living on top of each other.

The new development across the road from the proposed 32 units ... this site was previously a house and a vacant block next door.

So what next ... add my complaints I think to the many others who will have to be gobsmacked by this sort of development.

Mordialloc is a quiet bayside suburb with a family, low density feel to it. People, like me, moved here away from the higher density inner city living as a conscious decision. Our streets are wide and clean, and quiet, and I'd like to keep them that way. Adding 32 flats to half an acre doesn't add anything positive in my view.

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