Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Project 365 Fri 13 Nov 09

I'm loving this as the regular post for Friday ... it's such a great way of summing up the week that was. Thank's Loobylu for the idea ... I love it.

What's hot
Spring cleaning. More good stuff done with my bedroom drawers cleaned up and all the dust bunnies behind the bedroom TV vacuumed up. I had no idea how quickly the dust accumulates ... there's been so much to dust since we returned and I'm still nowhere near finished.

Craft. I'm really enjoying the projects I've started ... and it's fun getting a few things together for Christmas.

Finding a Kaisercraft outlet. Horace and I dropped into DFO Moorabbin in Melbourne to exchange t-shirts and I discovered Kaisercraft has opened the most enormous outlet. I am so happy and I know I'm going to be a regular visitor. Check out these little cuties I got there ... just right for painting and papering for Christmas and stringing across the lounge window. Love a Christmas project.

True Blood. I am absolutely obsessed by this Charlaine Harris written/Alan Ball written/produced HBO produced series. A work colleague has lent me series 1 and 2 and I think I'm up to my third watching of this. I'm so obsessed I went to Minotaur and ordered a boxed set of the first eight books ... and I've even sneaked into Borders a few times to read a couple of pages! LOL I just can't get them through the library in the right order. Absolutely the easiest read ever, but entertaining and fun.

Great workmates. I am so lucky with the people I work with. There is no sniping or prima donnas ... they make turning up each day a pleasure and this week we had a tiffin lunch together just because we could. Very yummy and good company to boot.

I'm days late adding these photos and I can't be bothered adding more photos than this one to this post ... but I sure did enjoy this lunch.

What's not
The weather. I hate hot weather and once it hits 30 and starts creeping up it's lost me completely. So half a week of over 30 has not cheered me up at all.

Feeling cranky. I've not been getting enough sleep recently ... because of the heat ... and I am like a cat on a hot tin roof cranky! It is so bad.

Food routines. I just haven't been able to get into a food routine for work since I got back from overseas and it's driving me crazy. I really need to put some serious thought into getting this organised.

Bills. I have a pile of bills I haven't been able to face sorting through and paying. They're so depressing, and I know I feel better when they're done ... but, oh dear! Do I have to?

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Claire said...

I am a little envious of your sookie stackhouse box set! I was trying to get them through the library too but they kept coming to me in the wrong order so I gave up. Have fun! xx