Monday, November 16, 2009

Project 365 Sat 14 Nov 09

This year, as is our tradition, my niece Tamika and I went to the Ballarat Show.

Tamika intent on the sideshow. Her mum was working at this concession ... and she won the cutest little teddy bear.

But this year with a difference … we went at night so we could see the fireworks.

Got to love the fireworks ... and these were the best I've seen for a while.

Our view of the rides as the fireworks went off.

It was a nice night: the weather was beautifully cool after a hot day and it wasn’t too crowded.

I love the atmosphere of the Agricultural Shows, and what they meant to me when I was a kid and how much my own kids enjoyed them. They’re part of the rites of passage for Aussie kids.

Of course Tamika loves the rides, although we're not big ride people.

Tamika only went on this ride and the trampoline ... she and her cousin were shaking down to their toes when they got off.

I love the showbags ... and they are so much better than when I was kid.

We only got a couple of bags ... Girlfriend for the grown-up girl, chocolate for her dad and Fruit Tingles for me.

And I can't go without checking out the arts and crafts. My girls always entered in the cookery when they were kids and always won something and I really must remember to enter some of my stuff some year.

Tamika liked this particular piece of art work ... and I couldn't disagree.

How clever is this ... it's made of painted bread bag seals.

The funniest thing at the show ... melted slices.

And last, but not least, something for the quilters.

I savour each year even more as it won’t be long before Tamika will only go to the Show with her friends … next year is probably our last year.

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Anonymous said...

We love a show, we went to the Berwick show last year (spent heaps - very easy) but thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Chele