Monday, November 16, 2009

Project 365 Sun 15 Nov 09

The amazing thing about Ballarat is what a vibrant recycled clothing, and arts and crafty type scene it has … one that the many blogs out there have recently revealed to me.

So, this weekend I had visions of wandering through quite a few stores including Dear Prudence which opened in Sturt St during the last month and Kittelty’s Auction Rooms in Humffray Street South on Sunday mornings … but the reality, alas, was much less exciting.

The entrance to De's. The cash register is like the one I used to use at Safeway in the mid 70s for my after school job.

All I actually visited was De’s Recycled Fashions at 202 South Street and the big Salvos outlet in Sebastopol … but it was still nice because I got the chance to wander around with Mum and Debbie, and catch up with my other sister Carol and her daughter Vanessa at De’s. We don’t often do that together.

My baby sister Debbie poking through the bags ... I almost bought a gorgeous 1950s black one but the lining was a little torn and I just couldn't do it.

De has some great recycled stuff although I didn’t get the chance to wander through the vintage fashions. I’m definitely going to try harder next time.

Isn't this selection of hats gorgeous ... and so perfect to have the dummy's head poking through.

And the Salvos was great to go poking through … clothes, books, furniture ... you name it.

My mum and sister walking into the Salvos, Sebastopol.

There were also some chairs similar to what I want but these ones needed too much work.

The wall of pictures ... I love frames.

I had a set of these years ago and I absolutely want another set.

I love these.

I have visions of them reupholstered in fabric something plus and elegant like this … in a heavy cream or even red.

A few of the fabrics I really love.

But it was a hot weekend and my Mum didn’t want to do too much during the day and so I had a productive weekend working on my mother’s computer organising my overseas photos and her anti-virus, reading my book, having dinner with the family on Sunday evening and watching Miss Austen Regrets on Sunday night.

Looking along the women's dresses and towards the sheets and blankets.

A nice weekend … and there’s always next time.

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