Monday, November 16, 2009

Project 365 Mon 16 Nov 09

Because my Mum’s on prepaid wireless I didn’t spend much time on the internet over the weekend except for showing her how to do a few things, adding stuff she wanted to keep to her Favourites, and updating her anti-virus and leaving instructions so she can do it herself.

So it was with huge excitement I read that I’ve been awarded the Kreativ blog award by Mel over at MelMakesPretty ... that is so cool.

Now, here's the deal:

* I have to add the Kreative Blog award logo ... done!

* Thank the person who gave me the award (Mel at MelMakesPretty and link to her blog ... done.

* Pass on the award to seven other lucky bloggers, add links and let the lucky 7 know ... done.

1. M*
2. kootoyou
3. Pea Soup
4. Badskirt
5. Starashan
6. emjie
7. Owlet

* Tell you 7 things about myself you don't already know (which is going to be pretty hard since I've posted nearly every day for 18 months and I'm pretty well out of dim dark secrets!) ... Phew, done!

1. I have a sweet tooth but I never drink soft drink.
2. I find myself talking incessantly ... even though I don't mean to.
3. If things aren't perfect I have to tear them apart and start again.
4. My night vision is bad ... so much that I hate driving at night.
5. I had a really bad motor cycle accident at 19 and lost half the tendons on one finger.
6. There are four kids in my family: two born in August and two in December. The two born in August: one's born in summer and the other in winter and the same for my siblings born in December: one is born in winter and the other in summer. Weird huh?
7. I hate swimming ... I never go near the water even though I live ten minutes walk away.

Hope you all enjoy.

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