Monday, November 16, 2009

Project 365 Tue 17 Nov 09


I saw this on somebody's blog (and I can't remember whose so my apologies) who saw it on Kylie's blog ... so I thought I would see how Australian I am!

To be honest I didn't expect to be very Australian ... I was born in the UK, I've lived with a Trini (West Indian from Trinidad for nearly 30 years) and my friends are from all corners of the world.

And because I have to have a photo ... the Australian flag flying from the Collingwood Town Hall. Such a beautiful building.

But my score turned out to be much higher than I expected: 42/60 ... I wonder how Australian that makes me after all?

1. Been dive bombed by a magpie No
2. Have seen a crocodile At the zoo
3. Have seen a snake in the wild Yes
4. Been bitten by a snake or other Aussie wildlife No
5. Patted a koala No
6. Seen a kangaroo in the wild Yes
7. Climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge Never going to be my thing
8. Climbed the Story Bridge in Brisbane Never heard of it!
9. Visited the Sydney Opera House A couple of times
10. Swum at the beach Yes. I live 10 minutes from the beach
11. Had fish and chips on the beach That was my favourite activity with our kids for Sunday lunch
12. Been stung by a jellyfish No
13. Had sunburn that peeled All the time when I was a kid!
14. Camped under the stars Yes
15. Visited Uluru No
16. Driven the Great Ocean Road in Victoria Several times
17. Seen the penguins on Phillip Island Victoria Yes
18. Had an outdoor BBQ with Friends Yes
19. Played backyard/beach Cricket Yes
20. Watched a real cricket match live Yes
21. Betted on the Melbourne Cup Not for a few years but yes
22. Attended the Melbourne Cup Live from Flemington Once, many years ago
23. Attended a live Aussie Rules or rugby football game Aussie rules in about 1978
24. Ridden a Melbourne Tram Today!
25. Snow Skied in the “high country” of NSW/Vic Definitely yes
26. Visited the Great Barrier Reef No
27. Been to Kakadu No
28. Crossed the Nullabor by road No
29. Gone down the Murray River on a paddle steamer No
30. Survived a cyclone No
31. Survived a bushfire No
32. Experienced a big flood No
33. Know who the Wiggles are Oh dear ... who doesn't?
34. Know who Humphrey the Bear is Most definitely
35. Watched Play School as a kid or mum of a kid Both
36. Watched Skippy the Bush Kangaroo Loved Skippy
37. Own an Australia Flag Yes
38. Know the words to Advance Australia Fair Yes
39. Eat Vegemite All the time
40. Drink Milo Yes
41. Know what lamingtons are Yes
42. Know what Pavlova is My favourite Christmas dessert
43. Know what Tim Tams are My favourite chocolate biscuit
44. Eaten a meat pie Yes
45. Gave or received a “dead arm” Huh?
46. Have owned an Akubra hat No
47. Own/owned an Australia Cattle dog No
48. Been to a B& S ball - or know what one is Yes
49. Drive a ute Not for a very long time
50. Say G’day Yes
51. Can cook damper Yes
52. Can make billy tea Yes
53. Supported a sausage sizzle What would a school be without a sausage sizzle? LOL
54. Own John Williamson CD/Music Not really my thing55. Owned chooks or know what they are A rooster during secondary school
56. Call the toilet “the dunny” No
57. Wear thongs (on your feet…) Yes
58. Support Aussie music Depends
59. Enjoy a beer Not a chance!
60. Swallowed a fly Yes

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