Monday, November 2, 2009

Project 365 Sun 1 Nov 09

Everytime I turn around something changes in my local area, oftentimes nothing big ... but enough to make me think I need to be more vigilant about taking photos of the things I see every day.

One of the big changes has been the upgrade of Mordialloc's bridge from a single lane to two lanes in either direction, and its renaming as Pompei's Bridge.

Looking across the new bridge towards the pub on the far side.

I've lived in Mordialloc for over 20 years, but I'm not really a 'local' ... I'm really one of those nasty yuppies who work all week and live by the beach for lifestyle reasons.

Pompei's Landing, to the left of the bridge in the first photo and in between the bridge and the boat yard in the background.

But that doesn't mean that I haven't heard of Jack Pompei and his contribution to Mordialloc. His boat building workshop is a major landmark as you cross the bridge over Mordialloc Creek, as is the boat ramp close by.

The boat yard looking on to the highway ... still as full of unfinished boats as when Jack Pompei was alive.

And it was around the time the bridge was being upgraded I learnt more about him and his unselfish work with water rescues ... with more than 600 people in fact. An amazing contribution, and I love that he received a Medal of the Order of Australia for his services to marine search and rescue in Port Phillip Bay.

The view of the bridge from the other side of the road, looking towards Pompei's boat ramp in the background.

When the call went out to name the bridge I didn't really think there was any contest ... it was Pompei's Bridge or nothing. He's definitely a big part of Mordialloc.

This time Pompei's boat ramp ... the bridge, boat ramp, landing and boat yard are all within a few steps of each other.

It makes me smile whenever I see the name plate for the bridge ... Jack Pompei deserves it.

It's nice seeing the name of the bridge.