Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 31 Blogtoberfest 2009 Eye spy: Shoes

It's the very last day of Blogtoberfest, which I've enjoyed hugely ... and I can't think of a single thing to write.

So thank goodness for memes ... over at Anastasia Drawing and Dreaming Eye Spy is under way with this week's theme: Shoes.

I have no difficulty whatsoever with this theme: I'm a shoe junkie (Mary Jane's thank you very much) from way back.

I grabbed today's pair out of the wardrobe after not wearing them since before we went overseas in August. These little babies are so sweet: the softest tan suede, a wedge heel and bright pink leather lining. Very cute.

You can just see the pink lining, and I just love the braid and shaggy hem to my skirt.

On a side note ... I'm still wearing my baby Wini's denim skirt. She bought this skirt when she had her first job at school ... she must have been 16 at the time and now she's an ancient 23! She long since stopped wearing the skirt but it's still good and I love it. I think I wear it every week and it always makes me think of her so far away in Canada. It's like taking a piece of her with me every time I wear it. Love you baby girl. xoxoxoxoxo


Lynne said...

That's a nice way to remember her and have her close to you.

This girl said...

I love love love those shoes. Can't go wrong with a suede wedge. Delicious. I bet they are super comfy. I walked around all day in flip-flops and I am paying the price. Arch support is goood D:
P.s.. thanks for stopping by my blog :)