Sunday, November 22, 2009

Project 365 Sun 22 Nov 09

Tamara at quarter of an inch is running Sunday Stash time and I thought I would play each week.

And for my first week my amazing stash of DVDs.

It's a pretty eclectic collection from science fiction to romance.

I know they're not exactly crafty ... but I promise you they are absolutely linked ... because one of these will always be on as I knit, scrapbook or paint.
There are quite a few I've never actually "watched" because my head is always down focussed on whatever I'm doing.

I admit to having a certain fondness for the Hornblower series and I love anything with Audrey Hepburn in it (War and Peace).

What you can see is less than half of them: they're stacked two deep on the bookshelf and on top of each other and there's another huge stash at my mother's waiting for me to pick them up at Christmas.

I'm absolutely no fan of regular programming on TV and we almost never go to the movies ... give me a period drama or science fiction every time: Pride and Prejudice, Underworld, Blade, Sharpe, Vanity Fair, Band of Brothers, Rome, Deadwood, Lorna Doone, Stargate. I don't mind (except for Keira Knightly as Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice) which version and I don't mind how many times I watch them.

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