Monday, November 23, 2009

Project 365 Mon 23 Nov 09

Just recently I've been struggling for posts ... which is hardly surprising given a year of posting every day and one less child in the house.

Which brings me to the one less child in the house (Wini), and recent posts by her on Facebook.

My new noticeboard seems to have unwittingly become a shrine to Wini ... and she thinks I never give her a thought.

1. Her status has recently changed, and she's now in a relationship.

There's been considerable excitement regarding who ... and not just from me. Is she in a relationship ... or is it a huge hoax to get a little attention? LOL

And she won't share any of the details ... let alone pictures.


2. Wini's looking for flights to come home.

When, when, when ... I ask?

For Christmas, May next year ... Christmas next year perhaps?

And given there's a new boy on the horizon, it can't be forever? Can it?

Come on Wini, give your mum a break ...

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Kate said...

When one of my sisters changed her FB profile to 'in a relationship' another one of my sisters claimed that that is the modern day engagement (ie not to be taken lightly!)