Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 17 Blogtoberfest 2009 Pompeii for a Day

Horace and I finally made it to the A Day in Pompeii exhibition at the Melbourne Museum, which closes next week.

Looking through the flowers and fountain in front of the Exhibition Buildings to the Museum beyond.

I really enjoyed myself and I'd recommend it to anybody who hasn't been ... but no are photos allowed.

Horace and I at the entrance to the exhibition ... taken by another visitor.

I love shooting everything; my 50mm 1.4 allows me to shoot in almost any light and I love playing around with the settings to see just how far I can push. So, of course, and it was a total pain because there was so much I would have shot otherwise: pottery, recreations, jewellery, medical instruments.

So much packed into such a small space and it still took up 2.5 hours to walk around it.

The first centurion at the display outlining the history, chronologically, of the Roman Empire.

And that was only the actual exhibitions ... there were also two short films/documentaries about the fall of Pompeii, with one of them 3D complete with glasses. That was impressive.

If you get the chance rush out and go because if you're like me and probably won't get to the real thing this exhibition feels as close as you can get.

Some of the background information about the Roman Empire at the entry to the exhibition.

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