Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 19 Blogtoberfest 2009 Loving a flea market

I think I'm in good company with much of the rest of the world in enjoying hours spend poring over other people's junk ... and Horace and I've had a good few days on the flea market front. We actually managed to get to an op shop between doctor's appointments on Friday, and two flea markets in on Sunday morning.

But a disappointing haul. I didn't find anything much no matter how hard I look and begged people to offer me something that had my name written on it ... sadly, no takers!

What we did manage to get were these plates and three Vegemite jars from our trip to the op shop. Total $2.60! I've loved old crockery from the 80s and have a nice collection of blue, cream and white stuff. I don't buy anything else.

The three plates ... not a good shot but enough to see the faint edge of gold on the two larger plates.

And I love vegemite jars as well. We store all our spices etc in these babies and there's nothing like them. The lids stay good forever, they come in almost half a dozen sizes, they stack neatly on each other and thoughts of Vegemite (the traditional stuff that is) always reminds me of breakfast on winter days for some reason.

Two jars cleaned and filled with corander seeds and mixed herbs and one to go! And a peak at the lemon bowl ... full of lemons.

As for the flea markets ... they were kinda blah, although I love the atmosphere of the Bentleigh train station car park flea market! Well worth a wander around whether you find something or not.

I managed to find Clarissa some almond oil for her hair (which I've looked for everywhere and haven't been able to find) and some floral oil for the burner ... the house smells wonderfully like spring.

And a big bag of lemons for $2. We go through so many and they can be so expensive.

But the classic find was this old grinder, which Horace bargained down to $3. Love that man's ability to bargain, something he's passed on to Clarissa.

Isn't this thing amazing? There's a slot on the top to put nutmet or whatever, and the drawer at the front slides out ... it's metal.

It's the most intriguing old thing ... all old wood and metal and really interesting. The tinkerer in Horace will get hours of entertainment from it.

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