Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 27 Blogtoberfest 2009 Bedside photo

This week's theme at Meet Me at Mike's is Bedside, and I've been loving everybody's posts so much I thought I'd share one myself: the drawers next to Horace's side of the bed.

Horace's side of the bed.

These drawers are really cheap and nasty, but they have great emotional significance for me because they were purchased and stained by my dad 30 years or more when he was still alive. I just can't think of getting rid of them.

And the things piled on it are a small selection of the various things we love:
* a nice stash of library books to be read
* a photo frame with a range of photos that are rotated
* a clock that ticks ... Clarissa bought it as an alarm clock but it's so loud it keeps her awake
* a brass bowl (I love brass) which is always full of odds and sods.

And I love the way Horace's caps push their way into the photo. He has so many hats ... and this is only just a small selection.

1 comment:

Lynne said...

I always have loads of stuff by the side of my bed.
What a lucky you to get those chocolates!
I like your slides in your sidebar. They're easier on the eye than some I've seen.