Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 5 Blogtoberfest 2009 Change doesn't always mean improvement

Since arriving back I've been bemused by this sign, affixed not once, but twice, to the fence next to the train station.

The first sign as you approach the station.

Now I have no problems with them fixing up this access point to the train station ... because it's always been a paid for able bodied and disabled people.

Over the 20 years of my walking to this train station I've had my share of almost landing on my arse in the wet as I run around this corner for the train ... not to mention a couple of times where I actually achieved it!

And it's no surprise given the weird angles and the bitumen paving.

Looking across the tracks to the corner ... even before you hit the corner it's on an agle and angles up more steeply as you rund the corner.

So if I, an able bodied adult in relative control of my arms and legs, have had this experience it must be hell for pregnant women and people in wheelchairs ... not to mention every other disability I can't think of right now.

Thus far the sides of the walk way now have an additional handrail ... all very useful I'm sure except there've always been handrails on the left hand side.

The extra rails on either side of the walkway (not really required) ... and a view of the corner from a different angle.

And then there are the markings on the path as you walk towards the entrance to the train.

The markings on the ground ... you can see the word landing and ramp appears elsewhere.

Do you think this means they're going to put steps in ... I suppose that might be an improvement although if I had a wheelchair or even a pram I might be a little p*%#ed at having to go the long way to get to the station entrance.

And I'm still not clear what's going to be done to address that corner that presents the biggest risk to life and limb. That's where work really needs to be done.

Stay tuned for what they do ... with extreme luck before Blogtoberfest is over!

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trasha said...

Loving the station pics. melbourne suburban train stations are so recognisable.