Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 4 Blogtoberfest 2009 Good hair day

My babies (despite being 23 and 21 in age) have had more than their share of bad hair days ... in fact most days are probably a bad hair day for them given their "African" type hair in a country that understands nothing about their hair.

So, for Clarissa, yesterday could probably be counted one of her first Australian good hair days since she was born.

I don't know anything , really, about looking after their hair. I handed that responsibility over to each of the girls during their mid teens ... thankfully really, because it was a lot of work.

But having said that, I don't know whether either of them know much more about it than I do!

America was a great start for Clarissa, when she got her hair done at Chevonne's hair dresser. They styled her hair, conditioned it, permed it again (the roots), put her in curlers under the dryer, and then curled it beautifully for her.

All of that was great for her knowledge about how to manage her hair and armed with that she's been shopping for a local hair dresser she can go to.

And I think the hairdresser she used in Cheltenham ... despite the bridal party hair style they sent her home with ... did a good job.

My sweet little angel ... doesn't she look cute?

Checking out the part of her hair that wasn't curled so successfully.

Feeling a little bored with the whole photo process!

And finally, tuning out of the whole photo process altogether ... but still a great shot of her hair.

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