Friday, September 18, 2009

Project 365 US Wed 19 Aug 09

We decided to brave the New York subway and take a trip to the Big Apple ... the four of us: Horace, Wini, Clarissa and I.

Our first big trip was to shop ... of course to keep Wini and Clarissa, especially, happy because Clarissa is mad for shopping, all the time!

We had to catch a local train into Penn Station and from there we headed along Broadway up to 42nd steet and Time Square, turned right along 42nd and headed to 5th Avenue and then along 5th Avenue back to 32nd Street and back to Penn Station.

This corner must be part of folklore.

The corner of 5th and west 37th, on our way back.

It was a huge walk, especially for Horace with his swollen feet, but we rested as much as we could and it was wonderful to do it all together.

I don't know what I expected from Times Square but it was much smaller than I expected. And I didn't expect it to be a plaza with seats for people to sit down ... I guess I just expected it to be an open street with cars the same as the rest of Manhattan.

Some of the lights and crowd in Times Square.

If you think Wini, Horace and Clarissa look excited this is after I asked them to cheer up!

And of course we got a little shopping in ... with Wini the obvious winner. That girl could shop ... well, for any country she was living in. Me? I bought a bag in Macy's from the Australian company Fossil. Sounds strange, but I've never seen the Fossil bags in Macy's in Australia.

Wonderful Macy's ... I want to go again!

What I really enjoyed that day were the street dancers on 5th Street. These guys were good--serious athletes--and we stayed for a while watching them do their stuff.

And this is as close as we're likely to get to the Empire State Building, since none of us is keen on heights. The silly thing is, it doesn't even look like it should from this angle and I'm disappointed. But not disappointed enough to change my mind!

See what I mean ... this is not the Empire State Building!

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