Friday, September 18, 2009

Project 365 US Thu 20 Aug 09

After my experience to the doctor in Canada for my bronchitus, this time we experienced the US health service for Horace's feet and legs.

They've been swollen since we first got off the plane in New York and headed for Canada and really we should have something about it much sooner ... he should have come to the doctor with me when I went.

But now he has a rash on both legs which I don't like the look of. In fact the two together are really scaring me.

As usual a trip to the doctor took all day ... what with the waiting for the appointment to arrive followed by the waiting in the waiting room!

But in the end we were finally seen around 20 to 8 by Jo's own doctor (Dr Nasta), who prescribed water pills called Furosemide for the swelling, and potassium supplements and bananas/oranges for the water pills.

The rash didn't bother her at all. Lucky I'm not a doctor.

What did it cost: $85US for the doctor, $11.99US for the Furosemide and $12.99US for the potassium.

Cheaper than it cost me in Canada.

I just hope it works.

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