Friday, September 18, 2009

Project 365 US Fri 21 Aug 09

There was no particular focus today.

Some of the things we did are:
* making sure Horace rested his feet and legs
* meeting Jo's daughter Chevonne for the first time
* having a nice dinner at the end of the day at Ruby Tuesdays with Lloyd ... and making sure we took Lloyd to dinner for a change
* helping Jo get ready for the big party tomorrow.

But the things I have photos of are:

Liberty Park.
We wandered over to see the Statue of Liberty but arrived just as the last ferry was leaving so we took the chance to explore Liberty State Park and take some time looking across at the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

The park we decided to explore since we were there.

Clarissa and Wini looking out towards the Statue of Liberty.

Horace, Lloyd, Wini and Clarissa chatting.

The rear of the Statue of Liberty ... the view from Liberty Park.

The view of Manhattan, with Ellis Island in the foreground.

Me, Lloyd, Wini and Clarissa together ... Horace took this one of us.

The big girls' big night out.
The big thing of the day was the girls going out with Chevonne, Jo's daughter, to a nightclub in Manhattan.

I know they had a nice time, if coming home at 4.30am is evidence of a nice time, and it was great for both girls to go out at night in New York to see what it's like.

I actually got a nice shot of Wini ... she let me use her for the set up shots.

I couldn't get a nice shot of Clarissa ... she always seemed to have a funny expression or her eyes closed. But isn't Chevonne gorgeous?

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