Friday, September 18, 2009

Project 365 US Sun 23 Aug 09

When we finally got to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, as well, it was so worth the wait.

I loved climbing the Statue of Liberty, and there was so much to see on Ellis Island ... including a mock hearing for an actual potential immigrant.

And even better Diane came to visit from Montreal and it was so good to be together.

Getting there.
Ferry's the only way to get there really ... but rather than travelling from Battery Park we left from Liberty State Park and headed first for Ellis Island.

This was the ferry we took to get there.

A bit more animated than usual ... you can rely on Wini to go into hysterics about just about anything!

The view of Manhattan was brilliant as we passed by ... complete with yachts and other ferries.

Ellis Island

This was the view of Ellis Island from the ferry as we arrived.

The girls together had such a great time. Clarissa's really missing Wini now she's gone and they were really goofy, mucking around together.

This tree was an interesting way of depicting the origins of many words in use today ... I didn't know hunky-dory was a Dutch saying.

Again, Wini was in fine form laughing much of the time ... and she's so infectious she had everybody else laughing with her.

There was so much information everywhere you went, but this question came under the heading of 'Mental Testing'. Basically, it was helping to discover whether a potential immigrant was intellectually capable, or should they be sent back.

I was drawn to this photo of children sleeping. Tbey looked so peaceful but it made me wonder what it must have been like for the women with children wondering what it would be like in America.

And lastly our very own sleeper. Lloyd works harder than anybody I've ever met and sleeps so little. I know I couldn't do it and he seriously needs to slow down.<

Statue of Liberty.
My camera battery went flat as we caught the ferry to the Statue of Liberty ... so the following photos are courtesy of Clarissa; and I haven't downloaded them as yet. Call back later for the update for the statue.

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