Friday, September 18, 2009

Project 365 US Tue 18 Aug 09

Our first day was a quiet one ... we hung around the house, sent a few emails and organised our money; and I got to download my photos to date and work on the blog. I hadn't done anything on the blog until I arrived in New York.

We also hung out with Lloyd's kids, their cousins from upstate and the boys next door ... it reminded me of my summer holidays hanging out with my friends finding anything and everything to do.

This is the younger of Lloyd's daughters: Chianne, and she is such a darling.

This is the huge difference between my childhood and theirs; they are never separate from their mobile phones!

This is a cousin xxxx, and the two boys next door.

Chianne and her cousin xxxx; I could have taken him home and Clarissa asked him one night whether he wanted to come with us.

And we got to see the nine puppies one of Lloyd's dogs recently gave birth to ... there were originally ten but one died. You heard right: nine puppies!

A few of the puppies playing together.

The mother feeding the rest of the puppies.

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