Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Project 365 Canada Sun 16 Aug 09

This is our last day ... our last day to see anything, to see Diane and the boys but we'll soon be moving on to the US and New York, New York where everything is bigger and better!

Souvenirs at the $2 store at Carrefour Angrignon.

We've had a great stay:

The weather has been hot and heavy ... but we've been out almost every day wandering around.

I've loved the chance to speak French again and I feel as though I'd quickly become fluent if I was here for a few months.

Clothing has been very similar in price and style to Australia; although I've loved seeing food so much cheaper. I believe we pay way too much for food back home/

And I've mostly loved seeing Horace have the chance to see Diane and the boys, and for the girls to spend time with their nephews and especially to see them going out together. Neil and Wini especially seem to get on really well together.

And lastly to meet the boy ... and if you Kevin ever reads this: "I know you said you'd look after Wini but if you don't you will have me to deal with!"

Au revoir Canada ... we've loved every minute.

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