Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Project 365 Canada Sat 15 Aug 09

Our last major tourist trip in Montreal was when Diane, Horace and I went to one of the smaller islands in Montreal called Ile Sainte-Helene to visit Parc Jean-Drapeau.

The name of the park.

Diane thought there were gardens there but I think it ended up being even more interesting because the whole island was a children's wonderland with free rides and games to keep them entertained.

Montreal really has something for everything, and makes absolutely the best of its summer.

French/British war re-enactment.
As a student of history it was interesting to see a re-enactment between the French and English and see how they handled their muskets and got the kids involved.

The uniforms weren't quite period correct; they were in much lighter and modern fabrics. Imagine how difficult it must have been dressed in heavy serge and wool in the middle of summer in Canada ... I don't even want to think about it.

Horace asking the soldiers some questions.

The officers in conference.

The soldiers on parade ... they were showing how they load their guns.

The soldiers chatting after the show ... it could have been the 1800s.

Local Indian representative.

Right beside the re-enactment was an Indian and his tepee. The local inhabitants of any area are always of especial interest to Horace and he spent quite a bit of time chatting to the guy and asking various questions about what it was like in the past.

Horace with one of the exhibits ... a spear.

Horace inspecting the tepee and the things around it.

The Indian there ... Hollywood has really done a number on us in terms of what they wear.

It was nice to learn Canada is as concerned about the quantity and quality of its water sphere, with this huge dome dedicated to teaching children about this.

The sign at the entry to the Biosphere.

Horace with the river in the background ... it didn't matter where you stand in Montreal the river seems to be somewhere close.

The view from the Biosphere to the pool packed with people enjoying the nice weather.

Horace as we were leaving the Biosphere and the island.

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