Sunday, August 23, 2009

Project 365 Canada Fri 14 Aug 09

After finally getting to the doctor this morning we got to the Botanical Gardens mid afternoon and it was amazing.

Firstly you have to pay to get inside, which I've never experienced before, but it's no wonder. There is so much to the place and when you think you've seen it all ... there's something else around the corner.

We turned up about three hours before it closed and it was such a shame because we didn't get to see close to even a quarter of how amazing the gardens were ... I especially would have liked to see the Japanese Garden and the Shade Garden.

Exhibition Greenhouses.
Most of our time was spend in the Greenhouses. These were absolutely huge ... about 6 or 7 in total with different greenhouses set aside for different environments.

The srangest looking tree from a south American desert ... with leaves at the top and a cactus trunk with spines.

Looking through a waterfall at Diane, Horace and Clarissa ... in the last greenhouse at one end.

Horace waving from the balcony of the greenhouse at the extreme end .. ever the gentleman he's carrying Diane's handbag for her.

The orchids were gorgeous.

Clarissa reading about one of the exhibits ... something about spice.


Ornamental Vegetable Patch.
Horace's isn't interested in gardens unless they're useful, and the Botanical Gardens had a really nice ornamental vegetable patch.

Horace posing in the garden ... yet again with Diane's bag.

Clarissa inspecting the vegetables.

Horace and Clarissa together.

Chinese Garden.
The highlight for me, and maybe all of us, was the Chinese Garden. I never expected to see pagodas and pavilions, especially so many ... and it all flowed together so well.

This was the first pagoda we came across and the one I liked the best.

A view upwards of the lanterns on the first pagoda.

Horace standing outside the main pagoda at the far side of the ornamental lake.

Horace inside the main pagoda reading about tofu production.

The very smallest of the buildings beside the lake, and between the first pagoda and the largest on the far side of the lake.

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