Saturday, August 22, 2009

Project 365 Canada Fri 14 Aug 09

You wouldn't believe it but I travelled half way around the world to catch bronchitus within days of arriving in Montreal.

The first day I arrived I was fine ... but at Reggie and Norma's party I sneezed for hours. And I mean I really sneezed!

Then the following day I wasn't sure if I was getting a cold or it was just hay fever; then the next day I had a really flemmy, loose cough, and it was obvious I had an infection of some sort. (I'll spare you the details of how I could tell! LOL).

Yesterday we tried to see a doctor but they have this really interesting "walk in" policy--that's right no appointments, which results in interminable waiting and I still didn't get to see a doctor. The surgery I turned up to saw only regular patients first and wouldn't see me for about five hours or maybe I could be fitted in earlier but they weren't sure. Either way we went to Old Montreal instead.

Today I turned up at 9am at another surgery and after a 2.5 hour wait I saw a thorough and helpful doctor who prescribed me antibiotics, some nasty cough medicine; and for $75 for the doctor and $46.50 for the medication.

The antibiotics, cough medicine and allergy spray ... it was good of the doctor to throw in the spray as a freebie.

I'm so glad I took out travel insurance.

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