Friday, August 21, 2009

Project 365 Canada Thu 13 Aug 09

Today Clarissa, Diane, Horace and I went for a wander around the old part of Montreal ... Clarissa, Horace and I also wandered around a few days ago on our but we got a much better look when we went with Diane.

Down by the old port itself is the prettiest dining and open area ... with the highlight the funniest magician/comedian called Eric who slipped in an out of French and English. In fact, he was so funny he laughed at all his own jokes.

Eric making up to the crowd.

Eric performing a trick with his whip.

Horace, Diane and Clarissa concentrating on the show.

This is the view down the plaza towards the old port ... a gorgeous open street full of cafes and people enjoying the sunshine.

One of the side streets ... this one dedicated to different artists.

Yet another side street ... and a view of yet another church!

Clarissa sauntering down the street ... I loved the look and feel of this area.

I loved this writing on the side of one of the old buildings.

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