Thursday, July 23, 2009

Project 365 Mon 20 Jul 09

The family all travelled to say goodbye to Wini at the airport.

It seemed to be Wini’s fondest wish that all four of us burst into tears at her leaving … and being the stoic British stock (except Horace and he must be stoic Trinidadian stock) we all bore up extremely well and there wasn’t a tear between us!

Wini, Horace and Clarissa in the airport before Wini left.

Well, except maybe Wini … and perhaps that’s because it’s more real to Wini than the rest of us.

I know that I’m so busy kidding myself there’s weeks to go until we leave the country there’s no way something like the reality of Wini leaving sinking in.

And in case you’re reading this Wini … I don’t believe that you’ll never come back. I’m not buying it, I’m not having it … and the first snow will have you running back to 45 degree summers.

Enjoy your trip baby girl, and see you very soon.

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